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Free Search Engine Rankings Report



  • Complete check of keyword rankings in the search engines
  • Analysis of social media presence
  • Define Your Main Keywords (Products/Services)
  • Define Your Demographic Customers
  • Target Your Exact Geographic Area


  • Join Targeted Groups in Social Media
  • Create monthly videos
  • Create monthly Image Links
  • Create Text Links
  • Marketing to your demographic & geographic customers


  • Create business pages in social media platforms
  • Brand Major Social Media Platforms
  • Post Videos, Images, Text to Social Media
  • Establish Links to Various Pages of Your Website
  • Establish Page 1 Rankings on Google

Website & Search Engine Rankings Report (Instant Download)

While business owners try with great tenacity to figure out why they are not on page 1 of Google, it simply is not that easy.

This tool will produce an immediate comprehensive report showing optimization problems within your website.

Our team will also produce a full search engine rankings report to determine where you are ranking in the search engines for your major keywords. This free and extensive analysis will identify the exact weaknesses and solutions to obtaining page 1 results.

Place the URL of one of your web pages into the tool. We suggest a web page that has one of your major products or services. Now place the main keyword of that page into the tool. The analysis will take 15 seconds which you can then download immediately. The search engine rankings will be sent within 24 hours.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits


We have a firm belief in close communication with our clients. You will have a dedicated project manager that will keep you in close touch with the strategies, and the results we are obtaining on a monthly basis.


Ultimately regardless of the type of website you have or that we will create, most clients are looking to offer an attractive website portraying their work as well as obtaining new clients. While a professional design is very important to our team, we also create a marketing funnel that will lead to conversions from your website.


Our marketing and SEO team place a number of analytics on your website that will measure our results. This will include increased website visits, tracking phone calls to your business, and SEO rankings showing the monthly increase with your major keywords in the search engines.


Our goal is to listen and understand the exact results you are looking to obtain from your website, SEO, and social media marketing. A well defined plan is then put in place to achieve the specific goals you are looking to achieve. Your project manager will send you a link to our file share system allowing you to view all our work and results.


While our SEO and social media marketing team have results that are well above the norm in the industry, there have been a few instances that our marketing simply did not achieve the results our client desired. At that point we continued at no cost to our client until we achieved those results. We are transparent with our strategies and results.


Website development companies have one thing in mind, designing a professional website. As a marketing firm, our goal is to become your permanent marketing company that oversees your website, SEO, social media marketing, and any other type of marketing needed to reach your business goals.



Local search engine optimization focuses on specific SEO strategies that allow our team to rank your major keywords on page 1 of Google for the specific geographic areas you desire.

As you look through our site, you will see many of the results we have obtained for our clients. Those results usually start with one or two geographic areas and increasing the radius every few months.

It all starts with a no cost analysis below of your website and search engine rankings.


We start with a complete analysis of national competitors to determine how long it will take our team to achieve page 1 rankings nationally.

We begin the SEO process by obtaining page 1 rankings in several local geographic areas to obtain the necessary authority from Google to obtain national rankings.

Once we obtain the proper authority and links needed, we with to national marketing to obtain the desired results.


About Us

J&M Marketing Consultants was founded in 2006. Prior to that point, the partners had worked in marketing for a combined 23 years. It has always been our goal to ensure that our clients business progresses when under our watch.