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Is Your Business on Page One of Google?

Many of our clients have increased their revenue by 30%, 50%, even 100% or more by simply getting their keywords on page one of Google. If your keywords (products and/or services) are not on page one of Google, you are simply missing out on significant income.

As business owners, we used to place a display ad in the Yellow Pages, and we knew how much business that represented. Today, Yellow Pages are pulling out of major markets everyday - why? Your customers are looking for you online.

Important - You can target your local market online just like you did with the Yellow Pages.

The number one reason I have authored several books on search engine optimization is to educate both those within the industry, and business owner to realize their online business potential.

There are simply no shortcuts when it comes to search engine optimization. I have seen everything from automated systems, to companies that utilize only one online stratgey to gain the desired results. Every step of our optimization strategy is crucial to accomplish the page one rankings not only within Google, but hundreds of local search engines as well. We ask several questions of our clients that help us to understand exactly what they are looking for. Some examples of this will be the top products or services you are looking to market, the demographic of your average customer, and very importantly the specific geographic areas you want to target.

How to Market to Your Local Prospects Online

jjGoogle and other search engines understand the importance of giving their customers search results that are located within their local area.

If I live in Lancaster, PA and I am looking for a landscaping company, I would obviously place landscaping companies in the search bar. Google knows the location of most computers and therefore will produce search results that are relevant to landscaping companies within Lancaster county.

As a marketing firm that specializes in website development and online marketing, it’s our job to optimize your keywords (products or services) in the search engines within the specific geographic areas you want to target. Once your business is ranked on page one of Google for your keywords and your target area, the results seen in hits to your website and increase in revenue speak for themselves.

Here is an example of a client that wanted to target more than one area. As you can see below, our team was able to get them ranked on page one for their keywords in several targeted areas.

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No Obligation Online Assessment

The most important part of your website and/or marketing online is understanding your current effectiveness. By placing a check mark in the form above, our team will conduct a complete analysis, which will help to identify your online strengths and weaknesses. This assessment will include:

  • A complete report showing your rankings in the search engines for your keywords (products and/or services) in the geographic areas you target
  • A complete report showing the competition for your keywords on page one of Google
  • Social media analysis
  • A report showing if your existing website is properly optimized for the search engines

This no obligation assessment is part of my most recent book and offers a strong evaluation of your business online. As well, this assessment will detail specific strategies that will increase exposure to your website and revenue