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Search Engine Optimization

Many of our clients have increased their revenue by 30%, 50%, even 100% or more by simply getting their keywords on page one of Google. If your keywords (products and/or services) are not on page one of Google, you are simply missing out on significant income.

Important - You can target your local market online just like you did with the Yellow Pages.

How to Target Your Local Customers in the Search Engines

Google and other search engines understand the importance of giving their customers search results that are located within their local area.

If I live in Lancaster, PA and I am looking for a landscaping company, I would obviously place landscaping companies in the search bar. Google knows the location of most computers and therefore will produce search results that are relevant to landscaping companies within Lancaster county.

As a marketing firm that specializes in website development and online marketing, itís our job to optimize your keywords (products or services) in the search engines within the specific geographic areas you want to target. Once your business is ranked on page one of Google for your keywords and your target area, the results are increased exposure and revenue that speaks for itself.

Here is an example of a client that wanted to target four different geographic areas. As you can see, our team obtained page 1 not only for his website but additional listings from the marketing we performed. In some instances he owns 60% of the real estate on page 1 for his major keywords

Lancaster County, PA - Page 1 - #2 & #3
Berks County, PA - Page 1 - Top 5 Positions
Local Search Engine Optimization  
SEO - Lancaster pa
Chester County, PA - Page 1 - Top 6 Positions
York County, PA - Page 1 - Top 4 Positions
Search Engine Optimization - Lancaster PA   Search Engine Optimization - USA


Most business owners simply don't realize that it is very possible to dominate their niche (keywords) in the specific geographic areas they want to target. The results offer a long term solution that allows for constant growth with minimum investment. We offer a free analysis to find out where you stand in the search engines, local search engines, directories, and social media.

We are happy to offer a complete website and online evaluation that is very extensive and so invaluable in understanding how your company can maintain strong growth from online sources.

Search Engine Optimization - Lancaster PA


We as a marketing company are just as tired of ineffective marketing as you are. How can a company understand your needs and a specific strategy that offers consistent growth with a cookie cutter program.

This no obligation report offers a strong starting point that will identify the strengths and weaknesses within your website, the search engines, social media, and online directories.